Grazie to all who came out and celebrated at Festa Italiana’s 3rd annual “Salute to the Military!”

Singing! Prizes! Awards! Presentations!  Click on the image below to review the fun….

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Grazie mille to everyone who came out for the fundraiser and enjoyed Philly: The Musical! Everyone had such a great time; the food, the people, the show…everything!  It is YOU that makes Festa Italiana Minnesota possible!

Your continued support makes it happen and we hope to see you again at our next event!





Wants to thank EVERYONE for our successful return to Harriet Island
on Friday, July 17th & 
Saturday, July 18th!!

Sponsors, Volunteers, Attendees…..we owe it *all* to YOU~!

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Established in 2010, Festa Italiana MN began its huge endeavor to produce a Festival celebrating the vibrant culture of Italy and the fascinating story of Italian Americans in Minnesota. We want to preserve our rich Italian heritage and share it with Minnesotans of all ethnic backgrounds.

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